Sixgill Videos

Although this website is devoted to the Sevengill [Notorynchus cepedianus], occasionally, we run into a rare treat with videos of their close cousins, the Six Gill [Hexanchus griseus], such as this one generously provided by Craig Miller of Puget Sound, WA.

PS: Vallorie Hodges, of the Oregon Coast Aquarium has confirmed that the appearance of visible claspers behind the anal fin would indicate that this a male.

Craig Miller is an experienced diver in the Pacific Northwest who took this amazing video of a Sixgill Shark (Hexanchus griseus) in Puget Sound, a close ‘cousin,’ if you will, to the Sevengill sharks we’ve been seeing recently here in San Diego (Notorynchus cepedianus), but which normally inhabits much deeper waters.

8-5-10: Seattle Aquarium Video: