2011: Sevengill Videos

ID#34: mcsmithca on Oct 31, 2011:

ID #33: Bethy Driscoll, La Jolla Cove, Night Dive, 10-17-11:
[Shark appears at 1:34 on the video time stamp]

ID#32: Eli Martinez, Editor of Shark Diver Magazine, La Jolla Cove, 9-6-11:
[Used with permission]

Shark Diver Magazine Video Blog 17 – Sevengill and Soupfin Sharks – La Jolla Cove from Eli Martinez.

ID#31: Eli Reihman, La Jolla Cove, July, 2011:

ID#30: Eli Reihman, La Jolla Cove, Aug. 23, 2011:

ID#29: Jim Knowlton: (7/30/11) on Carp Reef off Carpinteria, CA:

ID#28: Jim Ridgway, La Jolla Cove, July 24, 2011: 

ID# 27: Scuba Diver Girls at La Jolla Cove with Ty Sawyer and the film crew from ‘Another Shade of Blue’: http://www.anothershadeofblue.tv [long version]:

ID: #26: Raleigh Moody: 6-18-11, La Jolla Cove [Note: Tagged Shark at 1:09]:

ID#25: Steve Murvine: 6-18-11,  La Jolla Cove [pair]:

ID#24: Steve Murvine: 6-18-11, La Jolla Cove [possible Juvenile]

ID# 23: Steve Murvine: 6-18-11, La Jolla Cove [claspers visible = male]:

 ID# 22: Scuba San Diego, Inc 6-15-11:

ID#21: Margo Sanchez: 6-12-11, La Jolla Cove:

ID #19: John Huber, 5-5-11, La Jolla Cove:

ID #18: 5-6-11: Jackie Flynn and Belen Andres, La Jolla Cove: