2009: Sevengill Videos

Here are the videos in our collection–not always in strict chronological order. While the videographers are delighted to have you visit and view their work, please bear in mind that all applicable copyright laws apply, so please don’t use any without their express permission. Enjoy!

[Note: All videos taken at La Jolla Cove, unless stated otherwise and captions appear above each video–not below it]

–Also, for those interested in weekly postings of Sevengill video during the ‘season’ of April–October, I recommend Scuba San Diego, Inc.‘s Facebook page

[ID#9]: Barbara Lloyd, 5-21-09, Broomtail Reef:

Sevengill sighting 2009-03-21 – Video Dive Log from Barbara Lloyd (HDV Diva).

[ID#8]: Michael Sanderson, 6-14-09, La Jolla Cove:

Seven Gill Shark, La Jolla Cove from Michael Sanderson.

[ID#7] Carl Robbins, 6-26-09 7 Fathoms:

7-Gill Shark Encounter June 26th 2009 @ 7 Fathoms from Carl Robbins.

[ID #6]: Gary Hawkins, 6-13-09, La Jolla Cove:

Seven Gill Shark At La Jolla Cove from Gary Hawkins.

[ID#5] Steve Murvine, Month: Unknown, 2009 Pt Loma:

crusing with ms. sevengill from steve murvine.

[ID#4]: Karma Crampton, 11-16-09, La Jolla Cove:

[ID#3] 6-14-09, La Jolla Cove: and, now, for some good ol’ fashion fun, Margo Sanchez and the Scuba Diver Girls ‘attract’ a Sevengill by doing the ‘shark dance.’ Don’t believe it? Just watch: