Sevengill sharks, Notarynchus cepedianus

Brad Norman’s Whale Shark ID Project Inspired Our Methodology

The Astronomical Pattern Recognition Algorithm, originally used by astronomers to identify celestial patterns, has been used by biologist Brad Norman to identify the unique star-like patterns on Whale Sharks–and, we believe can be used to also identify Sevengill sharks through their unique freckling patterns as well.



See Norman el al.’s Open Access: paper here:

1. Estimating population size, structure, and residency time for whale sharks Rhincodon typus through collaborative photo-identification

Vol. 7: 39–53, 2009
doi: 10.3354/esr00186
Jason Holmberg, Bradley Norman, Zaven Arzoumanian


See also here:

3. Mark-Recapture with Multiple, Non-Invasive Marks.

Biometrics. doi: 10.1111/biom.12045

Bonner SJ & Holmberg, J (2013),