2013: Sevengill Videos

Here are the videos in our collection—not always in strict chronological order. While the videographers are delighted to have you visit and view their work, please bear in mind that all applicable copyright laws apply, so please don’t use any without their express permission. Enjoy!

[Note: All videos taken at La Jolla Cove, unless stated otherwise and captions appear above each video—not below it]

ID#70: Scott McGee and http://www.underpressurephoto.com:

ID#69: Bethy Scuba, 6-12-13: Note white circular scar on caudal fin (tail):

ID#68: Margo Sanchez, 6-11-13:

ID:#67: SD Expeditions, 6-2-13:

ID#66: Bethy Scuba, 5-29-13 [white circle on caudal fin *may* be from a Cookie Cutter Shark bite]:

ID#65: Eli Martinez and Shark Diver Magazine: May, 2013 (note shark with large white spot)

ID#63:Scuba San Diego, Inc. 5-14-13:

ID#62: Walter Chung, 5-11-13:

Diving with Seven Gill Sharks from Walter Chung.

ID#61: Margo Sanchez, 5-8-13:

ID#59: Trystan Snodgrass, 5-1-13:

ID#58: Julie Lorenzen (with Michael Bear on left), 4-30-13:

ID#57: Scuba San Diego, Inc, 4-23-13:

ID#56: Javy Martin, 4-21-13:

ID#55: Margo Sanchez, 4-28-13:

ID#54: Walter Chung 4-25-13: Scootering with Sevengills (he says they don’t seem bothered by them):

ID#53: 4-21-13: Remarkable footage by Kyle McBurnie showing a Sevengill regurgitating something it ate:

ID#52: Scuba San Diego, Inc. 4-23-13 (notice white bite marks):

ID#51 Randy Thomas, Marine Room, 3-3-13–Notice the amazing detail on this female:

00002 from Randy Thomas.

ID#50: Walter Chung (GUE San Diego) 4-21-13:

7 Gill Sharks at La Jolla Cove from Walter Chung.
ID#49: San Diego Divers, 4-21-13 [notice white scratch mark]:

ID#48: Karma Crampton, 4-8-13:


ID #47: Walter Chung, 4-7-13:

Seven Gill Sharks and Sheep Crabs from Walter Chung.

ID#46: Scott McGee, 3/30/13:

ID#45: Rod Watkins, 3/30/13:

ID#44: Bethy Scuba, La Jolla Shores, 3-30-13:

ID 43: sumogurine
Southern California (exact location unknown) 2/20/13