How To Log an Encounter

Wildbook Pattern Recognition Program

The ‘Zero Data Project’ is now live:

Didn’t see any sharks on your dive today? No problem – – we still need your data!

‘Zero data’ is an important concept in long-term population studies in a fixed location with a single species: it’s also called ‘Presence/Absence’ data, meaning, we still want to know when you did *not* see a certain species in a given location, because it tells us a lot about why that particular species may or may not be present at certain times of the year.

Zero Data Entry Link:

How To Log a Sevengill Shark Sighting 

First Time Users (we’d like to welcome those from South Africa: we now have a False Bay Location):

1. Go here:

2. At the top of the page, you’ll see 3 tabs: Home/Learn/Participate. Click on Participate–>Report an Encounter (ignore Weight and Tag Fields).

Note: we are working to get the fields converted from Metric to Imperial. 

3. Fill out the form with at least your encounter’s Date, Location and your Name and Email and provide one lateral view photograph of a 7 gill (like the one above) and then click Send Report.

Note: if you would like to have your Sevengill video featured here, on this site, under Videos, simply upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo (unfortunately, Facebook won’t work) and then email the URL to: mbear4(at) — many thanks! We will make sure you get credit.

Android Shark Observer App:

Ocean Sanctuaries is pleased to announce that v 2.0 of the Shark Observer app is now available on App Geyser here:
Where you can log your Sevengill Shark encounters directly into the Sevengill Shark ID Project.

We will announce when v.2.0 is ready on Google Play for download.

Note: since App Geyser is not a Google Play outlet, please go to Settings –> Security –> Allow Unknown Sources (Just This One Time) to enable installation.

Thank you and we welcome your feedback.

Sevengill Sharks in San Diego

KPBS TV: Erik Anderson Interview/June, 2013: